What are Infographics

Infographics are a Graphical method to represent and portray content using facts and graphs. These eye-catchy images are easy to understand than normal boring textual content. It is a single large image with lot of elements like text, graphs, charts, symbols, pictures, facts, etc.

Why do you need them?

Infographics are the latest in the line of multimedia content. Both images and videos are a bit outdated now.
Infographics easily go viral bringing in a lot of backlinks and social traffic. Infographics can also be used a powerful branding tool for your business.

 Infographics with their ability to go viral are considered to be one of the most affordable Link Bait idea.
Infographics Design


  1. Your order details are passed on to our Creative Team
  2. Our Creative Team will contact you and brainstorm ideas for Infographics
  3. Once you approve an idea, it will be sent to our Design team
  4. Our Design Team will send you an initial draft for your approval
  5. Once you authorize, a final Infographics will be delivered

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Infographics Distribution


  1. You will host the Infographics which we designed in your website.
  2. Once live, our content team will write a unique title and description for it.
  3. It is then sent to our Submission Team with your Backlink requirements.
  4. It is Distributed to Infographic Directories, Social Sites, Image Sites, etc.
  5. On Completion, a report with 25+ Live links is delivered for your reference.

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Infographics Syndication via Press Releases


  1. Our Journalists will write a press release about on current news of your niche.
  2. It will be submitted to Premium News Wires worth upto 496$
  3. We will submit the press release along with your infographics to News Sites.
  4. Your Press Release with Infographics will be syndicated to Google News and popular News websites.

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Distribution Only

  • 100% Manual Submissions
  • Approvals Guaranteed in minimum 25 sites.
  • Backlinks, Direct Traffic!
  • Report with minimum 25+ Live Links
  • Optional Tier 2 2000 Bookmarks

Design + Distribution

  • Customized Designing!
  • Designer-Client Interaction
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • We don't use templates
  • Huge SERP Boost and viral Traffic!

Press Releases

  • Experienced Journalists
  • A Custom PR written on Current News of your niche
  • Submitted to Quality News Sites
  • Google News Guarantee !
  • Free Syndication to other Sites.


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"When searching the title in Google, there are 1170 results. This number has been growing steadily from 400 to 700 to 1000+ day by day. Also on one of the sites, my infographic has been viewed 2000+ times!"

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